Diya Deb

UX Design . Product Design . Service Design

Love the end to end experience of discovering, defining & designing product ecosystems. The featured projects showcase my varied worlds of tangibility in Industrial Design and the intangible Interaction Design.

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Simplifying Healthcare

Research . Strategy . Design . Prototyping . Testing

GE Healthcare Digital

With the company's journey into Value Based Care in the ambulatory space, my work spanned across multiple projects. They focus on bridging the gap bewteen the vision and the legacy by approaching it from an ecosystem perspective proactively.

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Salt & Pepper

Product Design

carnegie mellon, 2015

Salt & Pepper, a project from the Mobile Social Innovation course at Carnegie Mellon. We worked in teams, fine tuning value propositions, go to market strategy and end user experiences to design a mobile service from opportunity identification to market release. Salt & Pepper helps foodies connect with local chefs for unique personalized cooking experiences. I was the Design Lead and also contributed to research, business model and strategy for launch.

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Solving for Readmission

Research . Ideation . Design . Prototyping . Testing

carnegie mellon, 2015

I worked with UPMC as part of my MHCI Capstone team project. Our goal was to create a patient-provider collaboration tool for hospitals. I was the UX lead and my contributions includes research, synthesis, ideation, wireframes, axure prototyping, visual design, high-fidelity mockups, testing and infographics.

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Tool Share

Product Design

carnegie mellon, 2014

We worked in teams of 3 to create a mobile app that allows neighbors to share tools with each other, so that everyone would not need to own every kind of tool. We explored value flow models based on our given personas to design a product that centered around their motivations. My contributions includes wireframe design, mobile interface design, analytics dashboard, product pitch, business model visualization and design discussion.

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Intelligent Environment

System Design

carnegie mellon, 2014

Our design goal for the project was designing intelligent protest environments using ubiquitous computing to empower citizens speach. We worked in teams of 3 to research and design for the problem space. My contributions include high-fidelity UI design, video sketch development, concept development and research.

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Product Owner & Designer

pramati technologies, Mar 2013 - May 2014

Fontli is a social network for typoholics. As the product owner I designed and launched the Fontli web experience. I also oversaw the social media communication, iOS7 update and TYPOMAD 2013 sponsorship. In my role I designed and coordinated with mobile and web developers to maintain the product.

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Interaction Design

pramati technologies, Jan - May 2014

SmartCues is a platform solution which supports an in-store retail mobile experience for the shopper. I worked with the Smartcues Co-Founder and VP to envision, plan and design the MVP product experience by leveraging ibeacon and geo-location.
I was the sole designer for the Merchant Portal, from concept to visual design, which supported product setup, campaign creation and maintenance. I also designed the wireframes for the customer mobile experience and campaign analytics.

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MPM Sandman

Interaction Design

Jul 2013 - May 2014

Sandman is a web analytics tool used by sand foundries to optimize their processes by reducing casting rejections through predictive analytics. I joined as an independent designer to redesign the product experience and improve usability. The end design customized the experience based user login to cater to the needs of multiple stakeholders from senior management to shop floor workers.

Light Table

Industrial Design

This was a personal project. The design involved coupling foldable light strips from the market with a USB cable and a rubber casing. This simple lightweight structure allows it to be attached to any laptop or device encouraging it for quick use and portability. The "light table" can be rolled up and tucked away inside a bag or a draw making it space efficient and portable.

Hello, I am Diya

I am passionate about solving wicked design problems that face our industry today. I believe that design is not just about how things look, it is about how they work within constraints and connect with the larger service ecosystem. Design has the power to influence how well people, tech and actionable data interact to produce positive social change. I have a keen interest in designing novel interfaces and products that work at scale across platforms.


Masters of Human-Computer Interaction
Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 2014 - 2015

Under Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design
DJ Academy of Design | India
Aug 2007 - 2011

Work Experience

I am a Staff UX Designer at GE Healthcare Digital with over 5 years of work experience in the industry. Have researched and designed enterprise solutions and consumer facing products across multiple mediums.

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