Product Owner & Designer

Mar 2013-May 2014

In my role as the product owner I designed & launched the web experience, curated the content, managed the social media communication, oversaw app bug fixes & updates, and worked on the future roadmap for the product vision.

Project Journey

The idea behind the Fontli web version was to allow Fontli users to share their collection outside the iOS and Windows app community. This would also extend Fontli's visibility to non app users.

Constraints & Strategy

Fontli being an internal project within the company was dependant on voluntary resources for development. The aim was to have a minimum viable solution which would allow Fontli users to share their collection and work with the rest of the world through an easy browse experience.

We, therefore, decided to launch the web version as a public page that did not require a member Sign In. This allowed for easy search and profile share but restricted app features like commenting, type spotting, etc. The plan was to slow release other app features as and when they were developed for the web.

Design, Implementation & Launch

The project started as quick wireframes in Balsamique that later went through Axure and multiple visual iterations in Photoshop to cater to its design sensitive user base. The visual designs got later teased into existence with CSS, HTML5, and javascript to get it to what it is today.

I coordinated with a ruby developer and front-end engineers who contributed their spare time towards this project. I worked closely with them to implement the design and launched it on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

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Fontli Mentions

The launch was well received by the Fontli community and within the first few months we had over 4k likes on Facebook with many profile shares. During my role as the Product Owner, the community grew from 12,000 users to 24,000 users. I also led Fontli's first Event sponsorship with TYPOMAD 2013.