Salt and Pepper

Product Design

An app that helps foodies connect with local chefs for unique personalized cooking experiences, from choosing the right ingredients to mastering the kitchen.

Goal of Project

Identify & Design For a Market Opportunity

The course is designed to provide a foundation in ubiquitous computing, service design, business modelling, creativity methods, crowdsourcing, and crowdfunding. We worked as an interdisciplinary team, to understand unmet user needs and frame a problem through PEST analysis, surveys and interviews. This generates diverse concepts, mock-ups to compare alternatives, and a prototype of the mobile service concept to validate and assess its technical feasibility, financial viability, and desirability.

Research Methods

Need for in-person Minimum Viable Courses?

Discovery & Scope

We used PEST analysis to discover possible opportunities. To validate our opportunity space we conducted 12 interviews, gathered 41 survey responses, conducted social media analysis, validated needs through scenario storyboards and made an affinity map.

Validate Demand

To validate if there was a demand for the product we set up ads through craigslist and google ad words that directed users to our unbouce page. We also used this method to narrow down on the one task (cooking, writing, painting, etc) that had higher demand.

Test Product & Service

We tested our lo-fi paper protytypes, mid-fi axure prototypes, and also enacted our service through a concierge service. Additionally we AB tested our branding to find out people's preference and perception.

Design & Prototype

Envisioning the Service & Touchpoints

A journey map of the work flow to demonstrate product interactions.


Based on the journey map we came up with an initial sitemap, lo-fi sketches and mid-fi wireframes.
With iterations and visual design it was later developed into a click through invision prototype.

Business & Growth Model

New York and Food Blogs

Hence Salt & Pepper provides a platform for food enthusiasts to search for a local chef mentor. They do this by filtering the cuisine they want to try and sharing their locations. According to our research, chefs earn $20/hr in the USA, they are underpaid in general. Salt & Pepper provides chefs with opportunities to make an additional income by offering their time, advice and mentoring during spare hours.

Launch & Marketing

A Kickstarter Campaign


As part of our crowdfunding strategy we setup a demo Kickstarter campaign. We made a video that showcased the product, and a Campaign Page with details about the business model, benefits and promotions.
View Campaign

Outcome & My Role

We won the competition!

Our team won the internal competition for the course this year.
I was the Design Lead, developing the mockups, prototypes, and visual design. My contributions with the others included research, journey map, business model, strategy for launch and storyboards for video.