Product Design

An instore retail customer engagement solution that communicates promotions by leveraging ibeacon, geofence and mobile web.

Goal of Project

Envisioning the Product

SmartCues is a startup within the larger group of Pramati Technologies. It was conceived to create, maintain and provide Campaign Analytics for in-store mobile customer engagement to Merchants to enhance their social media presence. The strategy was to combine the shopper’s experience at a store and connect them with the Merchant's online space, through mobile and proximity marketing.

Scope of Work

My Design Contributions

The product vision is a whitelable platform that is modular and flexible enough to be a standalone platform for a Merchant looking to enter the digital space. It will also be integrated into existing Merchant sales systems, online presence and branding efforts.

UX Design of the Shopper’s mobile experience

I worked closely with developers to understand the technology aspects of the product, going to the extent of setting up live environments around our office space to test our hypothesis and scenarios. I designed the information architecture and final wireframes which were later developed into a demo by a Visual Designer.

iOS app for beacon setup

Since our system was using its unique software it required its own iOS app to setup and monitor the ibeacons. I designed the wireframes and visual design and tested its functionality.

Merchant Portal

The Merchant web portal was the hub for interactions, where campaigns would be created, maintained, monitored and analyzed. I was the sole designer for Campaign Creation and Maintenance sections, designing the information architecture, UX, UI and visual design. For the analytics section I worked with other designers to define goals, metrics and create wireframes.

Design & Process

Casestudy of How We Worked

Scenarios, Mobile Experience, Web Info Capture

Documenting Scenarios with Storyboards

Defining the Shopper Experience on Mobile

Capturing Information for the Merchant Portal

Capturing Information

We first drew up a map of the information that needed to be captured for the Merchant Portal. It included the data needed for the Shopper’s mobile experience, data that was valuable for the Merchant and the tech needs. It formed the basis for the data needs of the initial wireframes.

Initial Learnings

The initial wireframes were based on a linear conceptual model displayed below. Testing showed that the overall time taken to create one campaign was too long.This would be compounded if the Campaign Creator had to create 10 -15 campaigns. We therefore adapted this to a bulk upload process as can be seen in the final visual design below.

Snapshots of Final Designs for the Campaign Creation

Product Overview

Merchant Web Portal

Portal Setup . Campaign Creation . Campaign Maintenance . Campaign Analytics

Portal Setup

UX, UI and Visual Design

The initial setup of the user, beacon and geofence was crutial for the easy use of the product in the longrun. I integrated the management needs, tech needs and the information that needed to be captured for the shoppers mobile experience.

Campaign Creation

UX, UI and Visual Design

The individual campaign creation experience was redesigned with the new conceptual model that reduces time and effort. Through our interviews with Merchants we knew that they employed excel files for day to day activity and to maintain campaigns. Our solution integrated this workflow by using an excel file template. It allowed Campaign Creators to upload multiple campaigns in bulk, thus creating a scaleable solution for middle and large scale Merchants.

Campaign Maintenance

UX, UI and Visual Design

We assigned multiple Campaigns to iBeacons and Geo-locations instead of assigning them to a campaign during creation. This allowed for a more efficient campaign creation, as it eliminated the repetitive task of assigning iBeacons and Geo-locations individually.

Campaign Analytics

UX Design

Analytics was a major part of our value proposition to Merchants. Due to the sensitive nature of the information I cannot share the screen details at this point. I worked with other designers to define goals, metrics and create wireframes.


Relevant Promotions to Shoppers

In conclusion, SmartCues through its Campaign Analytics provides Merchants with a platform to engage with their Shoppers and gather valuable data about their profiles. Additionally through its personalization SmartCues allowed Merchants to target their Shoppers in a more relevant way.